"Bergen County Physical Therapist"

Locating a physical therapist in Bergen County NJ? Consider multiple factors before you make your decision on where to go for treatment.

Years ago, patients found a treatment facility based simply off the physician's personal recommendation.

But these days, a more knowledgeable consumer seeks out his/her own clinic through preparation and a better understanding of the resources accessible to them.

As a licensed physical therapists for 20 years, we have celebrated a greater trend towards clients making a more educated choice on where to attend physical therapy.

Here is a list of what a more educated consumer should expect from their physical therapist and the facility in which they work:

1. Demand Privacy

The initial evaluation should be performed in a private treatment room for total privacy. No one else besides your treating physical therapist should be privy to your personal information. Your evaluation should be conducted free of disturbances.

After your initial evaluation, a table with private curtains should be made available to you during treatment. If they do not have private curtains, then pass on that facility.

You are entitled to your modesty. No one wants to be on display for others around them during treatment sessions.

2. Facility Expectations

You should expect your physical therapy facility to be well equipped. It should have plenty of equipment that you will need during your rehabilitation process. It should be capable of handling the post surgical ACL reconstruction to the lower back core stability progam...

A good size facility should be around 3500 to 4200 square feet. Too small and patients end up on top of each other. Too big, and you feel "dwarfed."

The facility should be well maintained and clean. Pass on old or tired facilities that have not invested well into their business.

3. Proper Scheduling

Ensure your visits are scheduled with "your" therapist.

Pass on facilities that attempt to place you with multiple physical therapists in order to fill holes in their schedule.

When you go see your family physician or dentist, do you see someone different each time? Most times, you see "your doctor" or "your dentist." Why should your physical therapist be any different?

Look for a place that schedules no more than one or two clients an hour. More clients means less time for you!

4. Physical Therapist Supervision

While undergoing your physical therapy session, your treatment should be supervised by your therapist.

Your physical therapist should be observing your exercise form and making necessary adjustments to your care that day.

Pass on overcrowded facilities that lack supervision. Beware of the greedy business that overbooks or double books appointment times.

Without the added supervision of your therapist, you may as well join a gym and save money on treatment cost.

5. Hands on Care

Each and every visit you have should include some physical contact with your therapist. That may include some stretching, manual resistance, massage or ultrasound application.

Some clinics have therapists who do nothing more than give direction towards which exercise machine to do next. You need a therapist, not a glorified personal trainer.

Pass on physical therapists who treat like a personal trainer.

6. Location & Transportation

Look for facilities that are close to home or work for greater convenience.

Consider location before having elective surgery. Traveling can be more limited after surgery and traversing far away from home is not advised.

Extra points are given to those facilities offering free transportation. This can be particularly useful for those post surgical clients who need care.


Before you commit to a physical therapy program, call and ask questions. Take the time to visit the facility and meet the physical therapist(s) on staff. Remember, you may be in treatment for several weeks, it is imperative that you perform your due diligence in order to improve your chances of overall satisfaction.


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